President’s Message

To all CPS Members:

This is no ordinary year and so we will have no annual CPS meeting at the New Haven Lawn Club this May. Unfortunately, the highly anticipated presentation by our incoming APA President at this event has also been canceled. Nevertheless, it has never been more important for us to work together to develop priorities for the coming year as our nation and the world continue to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, among other challenges.

I am Medical Director of CHR, a large non-profit mental health authority. My background is in community psychiatry and academia. We will face many different problems over the coming year. To maximize our success, we need all the constituencies of the 700 psychiatrists that comprise CPS. Most important is that we hear from members with knowledge and experience that is different from my own. This includes psychiatrists in private practice, child and adolescent psychiatrists and forensic psychiatrists among others.

COVID-19 looms large for all of us right now and it will influence plans for the next year. The improved engagement with patients that came with the approval of telepsychiatry, and telephonic appointments for patients lacking the infrastructure for telepsychiatry, must be preserved and expanded. Our patients are more likely to have the co-occurring medical conditions that are associated with the most severe COVID 19 cases. This is unsurprising given the strong finding of greatly reduced life expectancy in patients with severe and persistent mental illness. We need to work to fund and operationalize integrated care to improve the medical care of our patients.

There will be other problems that come up this this year and some of you may suggest additional priorities. It is certain that this will be no ordinary year. We’ll likely have the opportunity for some important accomplishments and I look forward to this adventure with all of you. You may e-mail me at


Dr. Steven Madonick

CPS President