President’s Message

I would like to introduce you to the new Connecticut Psychiatric Society website.  Our goal is for this site to be a resource for busy Psychiatrists who want to be informed of current Psychiatric practices, legislative initiatives and technological advances.

This year we have seen the passage of  parity legislation that is meaningful to our patients and have made our opinions known regarding Psychologists prescribing.  This website will be used to update you on upcoming events, like the Collaborative Care Conference we organized with the American Psychiatric Association and meetings with featured speakers like Dorothy Stubbe and John Thomas on Child Migrant Mental Health.

We want this website to encourage  you to be more involved in your District Branch.  Use this site as a resource for issues that interest you.  When help is needed to advance our profession in the state or to advocate for our patients, CPS will  be there with the most current information.  We will offer opportunities for networking, learning more about local innovations and community initiatives.

We want to strengthen the position of Psychiatry in the medical community in Connecticut.

Sheila Cooperman, M.D.
President of the Connecticut Psychiatric Society