Early Career Psychiatrists

Early Career Psychiatrists (ECP) are general members of the APA and CPS who are within their first seven years after training (residency/fellowship).

The ECP Committee provides bi-directional communication between the Connecticut Psychiatric Society and its general members who are in the early stages of their psychiatric careers.  The committee seeks to enhance the experiences of early career psychiatrists with CPS and to promote career development.  The committee works to fulfill three aims:

  1. To help identify and represent the interests of early career psychiatrists locally, regionally, and nationally;
  2. To faciliate participation of early career psychiatrists with the membership and leadership of the APA and CPS;
  3. To contribute to policy making and educational endeavors of CPS as they relate to the professional development of early career psychiatrists.

The Early Career Psychiatrist Representative of the Connecticut Psychiatric Society is Dr. Sohrab Zahedi.  Please click here to view his website.