Committees are the backbone of our organization. The work of committees has a direct impact on the decisions made by the officers and Council. To have the kind of association we all feel is desirable, we need the active involvement of members!

Following is a list of committees. We hope you will review the list and if you would like to become a member of a committee, contact your Chapter president or e-mail the CPS office. To the extent possible, we try to have at least one member from each Chapter on each committee.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Committee
Chair:  Brian Keyes, M.D.

Community Psychiatry Committee
Chair:  Vacant

Early Career Psychiatrists Committee
Chair:  Sohrab Zahedi, M.D.

Ethics Committee
Chair:  Charles Dike, M.D.

Executive Committee
President: Reena Kapoor, M.D.

Consultation/Liaison Committee
Chair:  Paul Desan, M.D.

Legislative Committee
Chair:  Harold Schwartz, M.D.

Disaster Outreach Committee
Chair:  Shaukat Khan, M.D.

Nominating Committee
Chair:  Charles Dike, M.D.

Addiction Psychiatry Committee
Chair:  Vacant

Healthcare Reform Committee
Chair: Sherrie Sharp, M.D.

Interesting in joining a CPS committee?  Please contact us at 860-243-3977 or at