APA Fellows/Distinguished Fellows

Why become an APA Fellow?

Being a Fellow is an honorary designation that was created by the APA Membership Committee and the Board of Trustees to recognize early career members who have demonstrated allegiance to their profession and commitment to the on-going work of the Association. Members who meet the less-stringent criteria below will be notified by the APA that they are eligible to apply for the category of Fellow of the APA.

  • Five consecutive years as an APA General Member
  • ABPN, RCPS, or AOA certification
  • Three letters of recommendation for APA Fellows or Distinguished Fellows

APA Fellowship Guidelines and Application Form

Why become an APA Distinguished Fellow?

Distinguished Fellowship is awarded to outstanding psychiatrists who have made significant contributions to the psychiatric profession in at least five of the following areas; administration, teaching, scientific and scholarly publications, volunteering in mental health and medical activities of social significance, community involvement, as well as for clinical excellence.

  • No less than eight consecutive years as a General Member or Fellow of the APA.
  • Primary identification must be psychiatry for those in combined fields (e.g. psychiatry and pediatrics.)
  • Nomination is initiated by local District Branch/State Association.
  • Three letters supporting your nomination must be received from current Distinguished Life Fellows.

Interested in applying to become an APA Distinguished Fellow?  Please contact the Connecticut Psychiatric Society for more details at 860-243-3977 or by email at cps@ssmgt.com.